How to start a carpet cleaning business

How to start a carpet cleaning business

Chris Blamire from Total Supply Solutions discusses how to start a carpet cleaning business without a van and be better off.

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Video Transcription:

Hi I’m Chris Blamire from Total Supply Solutions. Thanks for tuning in and thanks again to Jena Dyco for having me back as their guest blogger today.

In this video you’re going to hear how to start a carpet cleaning business without a van and be better off for it. That’s very handy if you’re on budget.

Have you been caught up on what van to buy or hesitating because of the cost? Choosing then buying a vehicle for your new carpet cleaning business can really slow you down. They’re expensive too and you’re new to the business. What if you buy the wrong one? Plus, you have to consider cabin barriers and lots more.

Here’s something worth considering. Buy an enclosed trailer, brilliant idea? Okay, okay, there are some disadvantages. Let’s get them out of the way first. Reversing and parking is slightly more difficult, but with practice it shouldn’t be a problem. Remember, most people in the carpet cleaning world, who have an opinion about trailers have never had one. Keep that in mind if you’re asking around.

Look, I really don’t mind if you buy a van. Got no problem with vans but I recon trailers are way underrated and have some huge benefits, especially when you starting a carpet cleaning business. For instance, they’re cheaper, and you can keep your startup costs much lower. You can use your current vehicle, and those expenses can be tax deductible. There’s a lot of running costs.

A trailer makes a brilliant billboard for advertising your business. You can leave the trailer on a job. That’s great if you have someone working with you, and you need to go do a quote or get lunch or pick up the kids. There’s no expense in cabin barriers needed. With the trailer, you have less safety concerns from things like possible chemical fumes. Trailers are much easier to clean, and they look professional. They can improve your company’s image. When the time comes to expand your business, getting a second trailer is easy and cheap.

There are probably more advantages to getting a trailer, and if you can think of one, leave a comment. I’d love to hear it. At the end of the day, if you buy a trailer, when you start your carpet cleaning business, you win regardless. If you don’t like your trailer, just buy a van in 6 or 12 months’ time, when the cash starts rolling in. Trailers are easy to sell, and you’d been able to start your business with far less financial pressure and more funds for your business development. It’s worth considering, and one less obstacle to taking action now and getting started.

I hope this video has made you think a little bit about perhaps getting a trailer instead of a van and perhaps helped you in some way. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please give us a call or send us an e-mail. Thanks for watching and have a great day