I saw this in a coffee shop yesterday…

I was in a coffee shop the other day and I noticed something weird.

Two guys were in line in front of me.

One of them was wearing jeans and a T-shirt
and carrying a laptop.

The other one was wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase.

Here’s what’s funny…

Years ago, you’d assume that that Mr. Jeans And T-shirt was a broke college-student who’s driving his Dad’s beat up old car….

…and you’d assume that Mr. Suit And Tie is a successful businessman who’s got the world by the tail.

Not today.

The truth is that it’s more likely that the kid with the laptop is making money online (like me)…

..and the guy with the suit-and-tie is in a job that’s eating him alive.


You can make money doing a lot of things.

But what’s more fun than getting up in the morning knowing that you can make as much money as you want by using a simple, online system?

What’s better than being able to make money no matter where you are in the world?

What’s better than being able to go out of town on vacation and make MORE money than you did at home….and do it all from an iPad or laptop?

Sound good?


You can thank me later. 🙂

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