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FTC: All opinions are 100% my own, you guys know I keep it real & will ALWAYS tell you when something is sent to me at no cost. Thanks to Swagbucks for teaming up with me on this video! I will only recommend things I truly LOVE. Xo


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  1. Lotus says:

    Can you say legit one more time? Hahaha.

  2. Adelaida Schicke says:

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  3. Joseph Blanche says:

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  4. Gaby2Amours says:

    Thanks again Jordan. Always looking out. Kisses to lil man. 

  5. CybahGaming says:

    I came for the boobs. 

  6. MrTimmsy1986 says:

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  8. UnaBluRose says:

    Way to go Jordan! Congrats on almost being a 100% stay at home mom 

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  10. SAVAGE308SNIPER says:

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  11. Benny Grin says:

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  12. Jesse Ramirez says:

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  13. Derek H says:

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  14. Techmical says:

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  15. Nyctus says:

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  16. Phen0mable says:

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  20. Kyle Peterson says:

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  21. Rebecca Shaw says:

    Where do you live?? You mentioned SD and riverside….? I live in SD 😉
    that’s why I wonder. I have a daughter turning 3 on Jan 18 our kids are
    super close 🙂 

  22. Sohel Ahmed says:

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  23. Dave Jeanlubin says:

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  24. John Fox says:

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    What video editing program do you recommend? Have you worked with any free
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  25. Leslie Comeaux says:

    Is there a fee with the Bucks program?

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