Tutoring–How to Market!

Tutoring How to Market

How to Market your Tutoring Business

Are you a stay-at-home-mom or dad?
Are you a teacher seeking additional income?
Are you a cash-strapped recent college graduate?
Are you just looking to make some extra money?

How To Tutor for Cash Ebook is PERFECT for You!

This is Robert Weigel, and I wrote this ebook–How to Tutor for Cash. When I was unemployed during the recession and couldn’t find a job, I tutored to make ends meet. I charged between $40-$55 an hour. I got so many referrals from my students that I had to hire other tutors to work for me. Eventually, the tutoring evolved into a $100,000 part time business–Amazing! This ebook will teach you exactly what I did!

Ebook available at tutorforcash.com