Why is making money from home so complicated?

Making money from home has gotten very complicated.

The list of skills required is daunting:
-email marketing
-social media marketing
-sales funnels (that convert profitably!)
-paid traffic hell (EPCs, CPMs, CTRs, etc.)
-merchant account management
-effective multi-variate split testing
-affiliate tracking and attribution
-constant website updates
-scaling traffic without getting shut down
-Search engine optimization (SEO moving target)
-video marketing
-content creation/curation
-web design (this an entire career by itself)
-effective data analysis
-competent project management
-managing employees, VA’s, contractors, and programmers
-never-ending new tech skills needed (Javascript ALONE now has several hundred variations)

Couple all that with:
-Wordpress hell (Enough said.)
-Burning thru money on FB ads
-YouTube shutting down successful channels without warning
-Sites blacklisted for doing basic, innocent SEO
-Advertising accounts shut down without warning nor recourse
-Merchant accounts shut down because they don’t like digital marketers

Gotten kicked in the teeth for the last time?

I, for one, am sick of being punished for wanting to work for myself.

Why is making money from home so complicated?

The world is definitely engineered to work against entrepreneurs.

-if you’ve tried everything you can to make money online…
-if you’ve had sleepless nights fretting how to make it all work…
-if you’ve dreamed of having a fun, simple online business…
-if you’ve endured ridicule from family and friends…
-if you’ve known all along you can do it if someone would just show you the steps…

Then I have the answer you are looking for.

Luke does a live webinar explaining one thing; A simple plan for you to finally succeed working from  home.

you don’t need ANY of the skills mentioned above.

How am I so confident?

This system works for anyone. (97 % success rate)


Here’s a just few real success stories:
-Wilfried, a retired teacher made $130k his first year. Lives in Holland and now uses a VA and personally only spends a few hours a week on his automated online business

-Randy quit his full time job within 2 months and on pace to do over 7 figures in less than 2 years, had failed online for 16 years prior trying everything and wasting over $60K on different businesses

-Patrick, a broke college grad who was working for Uber to barely pay bills, and just did $150k his first year with his online business

-Jim, a church pastor has done over $150k in just over a year very part time, started with a very small budget, and lives in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house with a wife and 9 kids!

9 KIDS! (What’s your excuse?)

And that’s just a few of hundreds of stories I can show you.

What’s the difference between you and them?

They followed a simple system that works.

All without having to learn a long list of very complicated skills.

You can learn the system in a few hours and be making money the first day.
(I am a slow learner made money on my 3rd day)

I’m talking about newbies making $500 their first day.

And part-timers doing six figures while only working a few hours a week.

And one enterprising man is about to pass $1 million from this business, and he’s only been doing it less than 2 years, all from home.

-It has NOTHING to do with what everybody else is teaching about Ecommerce
-It has nothing to do with MLM or network marketing
-It has nothing to do with paid traffic
-No selling, ever
-Nothing to do with Kindle ebooks
-And it has nothing to do with the Amazon Affiliate program
-You don’t need a website or a single tech skill

If you can use email, you can work from home for yourself.

No selling to freinds neighbors or relatives
You don’t even have to talk to anyone

Learn how it all works on the replay here.